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Passion Points: Latinos and Sports

For as long as the networks have been broadcasting sporting events, marketers have looked for tie-ins, hoping to build the same loyalty to their brand that the fan has for their team.  The approach has been no different when marketing to Hispanics.  Major league sports are a prime choice for marketers looking to reach the Hispanic market.

Most brands have looked to soccer in order to attract Latino consumers, as soccer’s been seen as the most popular sport for Latinos.  During the 2006 World Cup, Verizon Wireless engaged Hispanic consumers by being the exclusive mobile provider of World Cup highlights.  More recently, Sprint made a similar move with exclusive mobile video coverage of the CONCACAF Gold Cup, an international soccer tournament of great interest to Latinos.

Sprint’s multicultural manager Kymber Umana said, “For Latinos soccer is a way of life.  It is a family event, and not just something that males follow. It is a part of Latino culture, and with soccer we are giving the consumer something that resonates.”