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Expectations, Results and Reality

By David Henry, President & CEO

Working in the PR industry for more than 20 years has giving me an opportunity to see a variety of communications programs.  In addition to my corporate roles, I have been honored to serve as a judge for industry awards like the PRSA Silver Anvil Awards, the PR Week awards, the PRSA-NY Big Apple awards and others.  So, you could say that I’ve had many opportunities to work with and evaluate some of the best work in the industry.

One of the most significant changes in our business is the a growing trend that the expectations from some PR programs are somewhat unrealistic, and that some clients expect coverage for product or corporate stories that don’t make sense, or are highly inflated.  I’m also noticing that sometimes there’s not even a story or news event worth publicizing.

I read an article today with a headline that, at first, had me angry: “Six Reasons Not To Hire A PR Firm.”  My initial impression from reading the title only was that the author was misinformed.  Then, I read the article.


The New American News Consumer, And Where Hispanics Fit In

Almost all of America is now switching between multiple platforms to get their daily news, according to a new study from the Pew Research Center.  For those of us in Hispanic PR, the study reveals intriguing differences between the Hispanic and general market when it comes to news consumption, especially in regard to the Internet and network news, and Hispanics’ continuing interest in bilingual news content.

The Pew report confirms what many of us in communication have been saying: Americans are now accessing news content everywhere and anytime they want it, switching between their mobile phone, online media, television, print and radio to get their news. Ninety-two percent of Americans are now getting their daily news from a mix of online and offline sources, half using between four and six platforms a day.

In the general market, local TV has edged out network TV as the most popular news platform, with 78 percent of Americans getting at least some of their news from local TV.  Among Hispanics, network news has a slight edge over local news.  This may be due in part to the audience’s greater interest in international news from Latin America, a beat better covered by network news.